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First of all, the only reasons I downloaded it was because Akrival sounds very similar to Askival (and askival is fetching awesome) and because of the badass ghoul clawing at his eye sockets like his head is being pounded so hard by grim black metal that it is about to split open and leak fermented brain goo all over.
So I start listening to it and I hear some good sounding production, and I 'good sounding' i mean effort went into making it sound clean like an immortal/infernal war would, not 'good sounding' implying it is better than a raw sounding bathory or satanic warmaster release would. I am cool with this of course, I welcome all black into my soul (as long as it is sufficiently christ-raping, none of that cradle of filth bullpoo poo.)
Plenty of blastbeats and double bass sections do this album good, as well as some great guitar solos that are not all wanky and gay. In particular I enjoyed the tracks 'Your Last Breath', Straight Path to Disintegration' and 'War Commands'. Vocals are good but not terribly unique, I can't actually tell what the vocalist (Scarog) is saying but he seems appropriately angry while saying it.
It was far better than I had expected going in, and I will definitely listen to it again.
Also, importantly, Akrival have less than 5000 scrobbles on so they are still underground and kvlt.
Akrival - Vitriolic gets a bjorno™ rating of:


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Skagos - Ást (209)

Skagos is a Canadian Cascadian Black Metal band (Wolves In The Throne Room, Agalloch).  This album received incredible reviews from many different places so I had to check it out.

The riffs are long and flow through the entire album.  Harsher guitar parts are mixed with slower, melodic pieces to provide the atmosphere again.  The percussion throughout is extremely good with many different types of drums being used (none by machine).  The production is really good for home recordings and it definitely helps the music out.  The album has a lot of bass considering the genre which makes it sound pretty distinct and unique while still setting the atmosphere.  The vocals are mostly used to provide another layer and they do not get annoying. 

If I had to choose a negative, it's that the vocals could be better.  They are usually good for what they are, but at times you can hear that they just aren't very good at it.  Luckily there aren't many moments like this so it's not really a problem.

A band that has received so many positive reviews can't be truly kvlt, but this is balanced by the fact that the original release was on cassette.

The first time I listened to this album I hated it just because it had a much different tone than I was used to but the second time was a much different story.  Based on this I have to give this GRIM RELEASE:

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Atavismus des Glaubens is an album produced by legendary one-man band Bilskirnir. Bilskirnir refers to Thor's hall, an allusion to Wodenism and Indo-European paganism.

The album starts off with a gnarly instrumental song titled Feur und Schwert which translates to "Fire and Sword" in English. The first song transitions well into the second  Atavismus des Glauben. This might possibly be the most hateful, misanthropic, and ethnocentric song I have ever heard. The title translates to "Belief in Atavism" in English. Atavism of course refers to animalistic traits apparent in human embryos, and early scientific racists used Atavism to support their views. The song itself is as hateful as the title, every time I listen to the song, I want to unleash my Aryan genius. The screams are brutal and angry. The third song By Fire, Midgard Shall Be Cleansed is an obvious allusion to Norse mythology. Again, Bilskirnir expresses pure hatred through music. The guitar in this song is downright brutal. The next song is Restitution which is a really generic black metal song with solid vocals, guitar, and drums. This is the weakest song in the album, but is still fairly brvtal. The song leaps into the next song The Cosmic Source this song is so raw and so wickedly outstanding. It has a melancholy melody with the brvtal screams of Bilskirnir, a very hateful experience indeed. The next song Einsamkeit which translates to "Loneliness" in English has the same brvtal screams and raw feel to it. The song is not as misanthropic and the melody even gives a hint of hope in this chaotic album. This of course shows the depth of Bilskirnir's emotional character. The last song Abschied is so melancholy and brvtal it's ridiculous. Such a fantastic way to end a fantastic album. I won't spoil the end but just know it is sick!!

I won't give this album a rating as that would contradict the ideology that Bilskirnir is trying to espouse. He is an out-and-out National Socialist and German Transcendentalist, and from this brilliant work you know that Bilskirnir rejects empiricism. His album is far to deep and misanthropic to be quantified.

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Somebody do W.A.T.W.T.C.O.T.B.W.O.A.A.

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W.A.T.W.T.C.O.T.B.W.O.A.A. is just a mix of poo poo from Strength & Honor and Nachzerer, if anything I would review those.

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brap bfpbfpbfpbap

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Slave Whipping Blasphemy - A Kall To Whips

At first glace A Kall To Whips may seem incredibly offensive, but in reality it is both incredibly offensive and incredibly good too.
Slave Whipping Blasphemy burn down 100s of years of social progression with 23 minutes of pure brvtal hatred. The riffs through this album are at times catchy and at times grating bringing as atmosphere to the whole thing. Ripping drums blast throughout the whole affair, double-kicking when appropriate provides a solid backing. The harmonics on 'Abraham Lincoln, I fetching Hate You' and 'Uncle Tom's Cabin in Flames' inspire visions of lynchings with their screeching chaos.
I am not going to lie when I say the lyrical tapestry woven by SWB is both hilarious and highly astute. With classic lines like "Abraham Lincoln
Loved upstanding African-American member of societys so
He wanted their cocks
In his asshole "
it is hard not to enjoy yourself while listening. Every song on the album is quite good, and the album is definitely worth a listen too.
I give A Kall To Whips 5 nooses

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