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what's the point of these recent bots, I don't understand
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damn, that's a lot of links
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Urgh, y'all fetching LOSERS

I play BROTRR at least once EVERY fetchING HOUR

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Social/Off-Topic / Hi
28-10-2019, 14:51:14 PM
Hey @ZIGS_ARE_WINNER are you still on Discord?
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Social/Off-Topic / Hi
26-10-2019, 10:31:30 AM
Yes, yes, I vote for ALLLLLLLLLL the Hi's
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BROTRR Discussion / TV Repair Near Me
24-10-2019, 16:54:04 PM
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yeah fetch these modern triangles
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BROTRR Discussion / TV Repair Near Me
20-10-2019, 13:58:50 PM
Hey @veronica parker baby, you can come over to rainy Leicestershire in the UK and repair my TV anytime, you hot piece of ass
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Gaming / Amnesia in space
21-09-2019, 11:21:39 AM
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Gaming / Discord Server
21-09-2019, 11:12:22 AM
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Announcements / The forums are fixed
20-09-2019, 19:27:14 PM
@steev everything is great :)
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Think about everything you've read. Now realize it all had to be printed

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Gaming / Discord Server
20-09-2019, 16:49:48 PM
I like Discord, I think it's pretty good
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / The Boys
20-09-2019, 16:40:41 PM
How does it compare to the comics skrag?

Right from the very start, there's a significant difference about The Boys in the TV series that I can't really go in to, because I might spoil it for next season.  Sorry that doesn't tell you much.  The comics had a lot more depraved stuff - perverted sex scenes, ultra violence etc - though whether you'd call that better or worse, I don't know lol.  The premise of The Boys "policing" Supes is largely the same.  They changed a few characters a bit, like The Deep (in the comic he always wore an antique diving suit, like from BioShock).  Hughie was a bigger pussy than he is in the TV series, and he didn't have any of the tech/IT skills shown in the Amazon series.  The 7's base was a literal floating fortress, I guess they didn't have the budget for that and just made it a tower block.  The few story lines which have emerged so far are quite different to what was in the books, as in they're brand new, and they're doing different things with all the characters.  The characters themselves are largely the same though, with their skills and personalities the same.  Starlight finding out what Hughie does happened right at the very end of the comic series, but in this it happened very quickly, and that's a big change, because that became a large plot point in the comics.  Having Simon Pegg play Hughie's father is a nod at the comics, because in those Hughie looked exactly like Simon Pegg; I guess Amazon wanted someone younger than Simon to play Hughie instead though, I think he is supposed to be in his twenties in the books.
The last episode: I didn't like the ending TBH.  What they did there represents a big departure from the storylines in the books, which TBH is a good thing because I don't want the series to be the same - it'd become boring to watch for me otherwise.  I can't really say without spoiling something, but I just didn't like what they did.
It is a great series to watch though, can't wait for season 2!
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Social/Off-Topic / WINNER APP update
04-09-2019, 17:15:14 PM
Well there's the problem, HP Printer Support are still using Windows 7......
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