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I rewatched Evangelion recently, I think just before it came out on Netflix, for the first time since I was 13 (Rebuild movies notwithstanding).  I was filled with apprehension, worried that it wouldn't live up to what I nostalgically remembered, but it really does stand on its own.  Even compared to the Rebuild movies, which unlike the show have bottomless budgets and timelines, I think the original comes out ahead, despite predating digital animation, CG, etc (comparing them purely on technical terms; the story of Rebuild is hot garbage).

To be honest, I didn't like the show much when I first saw it on Adult Swim; I was mostly interested in the giant robot fights, and all the psychodrama poo poo held no interest for me.  I loved End of Evangelion visually but the message went completely over my head.  I watched End of Eva again toward the end of college though, when I was definitely at the apex of my hermit lifestyle (and the nadir of my life overall), and it was like slap in the face.  It's definitely a guided message, and I think you have to be in the right place and time to receive it, or it's just gonna sound like pretentious nonsense.
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Social/Off-Topic / Classic Youtube Poop thread
07-07-2020, 17:30:39 PM
DurhamrockerZ is the high mark of KotH poops, they'll come up in my recommendations every few months and I'll rewatch most of them.  Aliantos is good too.

My all-time favorite KotH video though is Hank's Back:

The fact that every character gets their own instrument is just one of the many things that makes it so great to me.  It's got layers.
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sick beard in the intro.  disappointed you guys didn't go all the way with the intro gag though
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it would make my year if someone actually came on for quickbooks troubleshooting
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I'll buy it if you make a The Music Neutral Opinionists video about it
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they're too cheap to pay for exploits to get botnets on windows 10
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only sometimes?
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Social/Off-Topic / Hi
31-12-2019, 00:38:25 AM
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This will help me get to top poster status
over my dead body
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Social/Off-Topic / First post of juuly
31-12-2019, 00:31:22 AM
look it up on
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fetch it I'll just delete everything

glad I'm admin again!
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and anybody quoting me
# 14

gonna delete all of my posts
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Think about everything you've read. Now realize it all had to be printed
I'm glad to confirm that everyone on follows the same process I do of printing off all new posts before reading them

really makes me feel like I'm experiencing our community more concretely
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