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I rewatched Evangelion recently, I think just before it came out on Netflix, for the first time since I was 13 (Rebuild movies notwithstanding).  I was filled with apprehension, worried that it wouldn't live up to what I nostalgically remembered, but it really does stand on its own.  Even compared to the Rebuild movies, which unlike the show have bottomless budgets and timelines, I think the original comes out ahead, despite predating digital animation, CG, etc (comparing them purely on technical terms; the story of Rebuild is hot garbage).

To be honest, I didn't like the show much when I first saw it on Adult Swim; I was mostly interested in the giant robot fights, and all the psychodrama poo poo held no interest for me.  I loved End of Evangelion visually but the message went completely over my head.  I watched End of Eva again toward the end of college though, when I was definitely at the apex of my hermit lifestyle (and the nadir of my life overall), and it was like slap in the face.  It's definitely a guided message, and I think you have to be in the right place and time to receive it, or it's just gonna sound like pretentious nonsense.
Episodes 3 - 4

After setting up a real damp rag of a protagonist in the first two episodes we're finally getting somewhere with main man Shinji. He's meek. His schoolmates don't like him as he pilots the thing but then he pilots the thing and saves them.

Not much happened in episode 3. It'll be very disappointing if every episodic battle is ended by Shinji asspulling out yet another super cool weapon that was designed to be punched out of a 1/144 model kit mould. If they end the series on one of these then I'm just writing off the entire damn nation of Japan.

Positives from episode 3. I'm appreciating how the ALEINS are big fans of coating everything in  silicone dildo purple. Maybe the Covenant from Halo got fashion tips from them.

As for waifu baiting I have to give props to Ayanami Rei here who beat Haruhi Suzumiya to the punch of looking out the window wistfully. Perhaps she will be able to uslurp my own personal 2D god Haruhi from the semenal throne. Time will tell.

Still looking forward to when that bitch Soryu Asuka Langley shows up. They've been really keeping her under wraps. Not so much of a hint to her existence yet as far as I know. It's like in that mediocre Better Call Saul sequel called Breaking Bad where we had to suffer through an entire Saul-less season before meeting the actual best character.

Episode 4 actually has some feels to it despite marking the point where the animation budget went from "really blow the audience's socks" to "we gotta animate 19 more minutes of this and its already Friday afternoon." Such is the way of 24+ episode series I suppose. I wish I was being a cynical dingus here but there's literally a 20 second still frame in this episode among other cheapo animation tricks.

Also overheard in this episode is the exposition line, "we must entrust the piloting of our EVAs to 14 year olds, we have no other choice." There better be a good reason for this other than 14 being the show's target demographic. We shall see, but I am guessing there will not be and it is just an excuse to be stupid and pandering to horny boys in their early teens.

Overall episode 4 is probably the most enjoyable so far due to the explicit lack of giant robots fighting.

Character I most want to have relations with: Misato Katsuragi
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DurhamrockerZ is the high mark of KotH poops, they'll come up in my recommendations every few months and I'll rewatch most of them.  Aliantos is good too.

My all-time favorite KotH video though is Hank's Back:

The fact that every character gets their own instrument is just one of the many things that makes it so great to me.  It's got layers.
please continue this for the next 248 episodes.
anime is for perverts

So I'm finally at the point where I've witnessed every single entertainment property in the world. Every story has been told to me except for one. One that the weebs and crossover "prestige TV" watchers alike will sing the praises of. I'm about to journey into watching the Japanime known as Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I have never seen anything from this series before. The most I have experienced of it was playing the pachinko slot machine for about 20 hellish minutes but that's another story.

literally all I know about this series is contained in this image

The main motivation for viewing this series however stems from my desire to fully understand this beautiful video.

Anyway without further ado here are my thoughts as I view the series. I'll try to keep an open mind but I'm pretty cynical when I see cynical content.

Episodes 1 - 2

So... this it... this is the power of a completely paint by numbers show.

As I dig down into this series I really want to learn why it is praised in such regards. The first two episodes do not answer this at all. The first thing I've noticed about this critical darling is it's already got a handful of titty n ass shots (not that I'm complaining I'm super straight and I bone holes irregardless of dimensionality). I guess this is par for the course but also a bit saddening that genre tropes have basically become well deserved stereotypes for the medium as a whole.

The show starts off with the fairly bland lead getting put into a giant robot that I must stress is very much TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL so he can fight another giant robot demon that is called an angel. Is this ironic naming, foreshadowing that our heroes are the actual bad guys? At this point I'm not sure if the show is even smart enough to pull off that basic level of narrative depth between the TnA and the epic penguin of doooooom character.

At the end of these first two episodes my favourite thing is the theme song. It is 🔥🔥🔥 as heck even all these years later and I don't see myself skipping it a single time. The person who remixed the taco guy knew what was up. I also have a strong feeling of comfort when viewing 4:3 animus and I'm glad Netflix/Gainax didn't try to foist some chopped and screwed version that messes up everything to cater towards widescreen televisions. Also the colour scheme and sound effects are pretty cool. Story is very silly.

Character I most want to have relations with: Misato Katsuragi
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i'm gonna go with YOUREWINNER.COM
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