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cmon dude just give into the temptation

FRICK NO. You're really starting to TEE me off!!! 🤬
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Just chillin, u?

nm just chillin

word, dude.  im just browsing the forums instead of working from home.  :shadow_bike:
cmon dude just give into the temptation
do you jack off to the anime titties

No, they didn't draw the nipples on. As a Westerner I am okay with seeing 90% nude women as well as gun violence all day in my media but as soon as a pixel of areola is shown I must go to church and confess while wearing my full body chastity cage.
do you jack off to the anime titties
Episodes 25 -  26

Episode 25 is pseudo-intellectual nonsense completely detached from the previous 24 episodes. What does any of this have to do with anything? I don't care and I listened to this one mostly rather than watching it mostly on account of I've seen flipbooks with better animation and read anti-gay, anti-racemixing Bible tracts with more pertinent spiritual questions than this.

Last episode. More existential BS. Interesting there's a brief reprieve where the show transitions as a 'what if' to if NGE was actually a generic romantic-comedy anime. I would much rather have watched this show. I get the feeling the GENUISES over Gainax wanted me to be ashamed of preferring this format though. Eff em. Eff them and their bad show.

Verdict: NOT GOOD

P.S. I now finally understand this video so I guess it wasn't a total waste of time. Still a bad show.

Episodes 23 -  24

Episode 23 may be the most Evangelioney episode yet. There's pretty good animation, giant robot fights, nonsensical plot exposition, big reveals that mean nothing and enough faux-deepness to encapsulate a generation of people who don't consider themselves weeaboos but insist that "you have to check out this anime, I don't normally watch it but THIS one is the one."

In short screw this episode. Rei is a robot but also the robots are human. Woah. So crazy, the character that acted like an emotionless robot WAS a robot and the robots that cry out in pain and bleed are human? Amazing. Does Dancing With The Stars have more humanity and soul in it? Probably, but no dickhead craft beer pissing married 30 year olds have recommended that show to me.

Three more dives into the dumpster I just hope nobody sets it on fire while I'm in there.

Confession: I've skipped the intro several times in order to speed up the process of getting through this farce.

Episode 24: Shinji gay.

Oh I forget they introduced these 2001-ass monolith characters that just talk to each other and it sucks. It's a great way to have another nonsense exposition dump while not animating anything at all so kudos to whoever wrote that costcutter into the script.

JAPANESE STORYTELLING CLICHE TIME: Just keep talking about hope. Don't make it make any sense just keep dropping that word everywhere and now you've got a plot of Biblical relevance. For examples of this see every JRPG ever made.

Guess I should also mentioned they crammed a new character into this ep. The 5th kid who is like God or something idk. He wants to bone Shinji.

At this point I think some would think I'm just dumping all over the show to upset fans or I'm some sort of Michael Bay humping ADHD simpleton (not that Mr. Bay is meritless) but really take a second to appreciate how stupid this show is. Here's a direct quote from a climactic battle in this episode while Ode to Joy blasts in the background.

"It's an A.T. field of equal magnitude to the one that constructed the containment field near the terminal dogma!!"

WHAT DOES ANY OF THIS MEAN. This is supposed to be ultra deep and I know they defined half of these terms but even knowing what they are it is still meaningless techno-spiritual babble. Bad episode of a bad show. Nothing to see here.

And just when I thought it was bad enough the ending has another long freeze frame set to music that is way more deserving than being stuck here, which is what I can now recognize as a hallmark of this animation, that it is barely animated.
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