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Put it on Pornhub like a normal person
I'm glad I watched this video while I could

Those greedy Lennon estate cucks hit us with the copyright notice for Yesterday. I'm appealing it so we'll see how that goes. Ball's in your court, music conglomerates who will have lost no income from 2 idiots talking over your songs.
I'm glad I watched this video while I could
sick beard in the intro.  disappointed you guys didn't go all the way with the intro gag though
Watch my poo pooty garbage webshow.

I'll buy it if you make a The Music Neutral Opinionists video about it

Once the new episode that was shot last year comes out this will be the next episode to be created.
Gonna Epstein myself with the vacuum cleaner cord
While cirus was using QuickBooks I was making quickbucks with idle Daddy
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