Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt
#1 06-07-2016, 17:15:10 PM
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Yes I am very excited about this UFC fight

Stay tuned for the results

#2 07-07-2016, 01:28:26 AM
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ok I was reading up on Brock Lesnar's UFC career since I didn't know much about it, and I found some interesting stuff.

The most interesting thing is Brock celebrates every win by drinking a Coors Light

Brock later added: "I'm not biased I'll drink any beer. Tonight I'm drinking Bud Light"

That actually has STRIKING similarities with what I said here, where I basically said: "I'm not biased I'll drink any beer. Tonight I'm drinking Corona"

Really fricking cool

#3 07-07-2016, 01:56:33 AM
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Also I've never seen Steev and Brock Lesnar together, so GUESS WHAT STEEV YOUR CHEST TATTOO IS DUMB

big rigs is great and i want to suck his cock

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#4 09-07-2016, 01:50:26 AM
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Oh I think Mark Hunt's cockiness is gonna cost him, but stay tuned for the results

#5 09-07-2016, 18:07:08 PM
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Shaq and Lesnar ready to fight

#6 09-07-2016, 22:06:40 PM
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#7 09-07-2016, 22:14:26 PM
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ok this travis browne guy has "you're the best around" for his theme music? UFC is stupid they don't even have custom theme music

#8 09-07-2016, 22:18:55 PM
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this live chat is really racist!!!

#9 09-07-2016, 22:27:08 PM
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Browne vs Velazquez: Velazquez wins!

That was a really good fight. Velazquez did some pretty cool wheel kicks I think he might be a futbol player

#10 09-07-2016, 22:31:17 PM
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Commercial break

Did anyone feel that earthquake earlier?? that was crazy

#11 09-07-2016, 22:35:02 PM
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And we're back

Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar coming up (I have no idea who they are)

#12 09-07-2016, 22:37:31 PM
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Predcition: the Mexican is gonna win again

#13 09-07-2016, 22:44:28 PM
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Actually he's from Brazil my bad!!

#14 09-07-2016, 22:45:18 PM
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Jose's head looks kinda weird. Maybe Zika virus???

#15 09-07-2016, 22:51:12 PM
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Round 1 over

Frankie was very aggressive, but Jose landed some devastating blows!!

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