Aren't You Glad I'm Not In Your Face When I'm Actually Annoying You?
#1 16-03-2010, 18:00:25 PM
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 I get really wound up with people who do this, i mean it's just so tedious when you know someone is winding you up behind your back, & not to your face,

Is all there scared of is a little reply such as "But i know your a dick" Or "But Your A Bigger **** than me"

It's like i've got in a lot of fights with gobby, big mouthed little kids, same age as me that is, but when these peopel start adding up, 1 group after another it's just irritating infact it's worse than that - it's mentally debillatating -

I'm losing track of the question i'm trying to put forward, which is why can't any of the people who actually annoy me do it to my face so i could well show them some manners as to say, i'm sick of moving from one area to another & these people sticking up for each other so much no one actually says anything to my face anymore --  I'm sick & tired of it & i can't get away from it, sometimes i can't even think or just relax it's so aggrivating
the small intestine

#2 16-03-2010, 19:02:56 PM
Tell it like it is.

#3 16-03-2010, 19:04:23 PM
I'm not even sure how people are profiting from these spambots.

#4 16-03-2010, 19:09:15 PM
capitalism must be eradicated

#5 16-03-2010, 20:56:28 PM
whats up with the huge increase in spam bots lately


#6 17-03-2010, 19:29:55 PM
I am in fact very glad you are not in my face when you're actually annoying me! These bots are so considerate. :)

#7 17-03-2010, 23:21:06 PM
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It's just aggravating the small intestine.

big rigs is great and i want to suck his cock

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