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#16 18-08-2007, 18:13:40 PM
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Every other place that serves meat.

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#17 18-08-2007, 18:16:18 PM
You're generalizing that all meat is chicken. You're the kind of person that tears the beaks straight from the chickens face, you bastard!

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#18 19-08-2007, 13:11:30 PM
I just ate some soy chicken with my chinese food yesterday, and than I heard about this a few minutes later. It made the chicken even better.

#19 21-08-2007, 11:02:54 AM
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Only non-heterosexual persons eat stuff with soy in it.

#20 21-08-2007, 14:05:06 PM
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Only non-heterosexual persons eat stuff with soy in it.

It uses soy as a seasoning, it's called general tso's chicken I think.

EDIT: Wait, it's sesame chicken nvm lol.

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