Switching back to Xbox after years on PC
#1 05-11-2019, 12:27:09 PM
I was an Xbox man for the original console, and for the 360, all the way up until 2014 when my friends convinced me/strong-armed me into switching over to PC.

I've enjoyed my time gaming on the PC, to be fair, but I feel like I'm missing something. Playing on PC, the player base does seem a whole lot more mature on the whole, which to me just feels a bit hollow and lacking diversity for quite the majority of the time. I miss getting on the headset and generally getting to a speak to a wide variety of people. Also selfishly, the PC player base on the whole is a bit more skilled, at least in my experience. I've certainly adapted, and I'm a really good player, but I miss being really great (lol). Also, going to PC from Xbox after all those years meant ditching some gamer friends that I'd made on Live over the years... I haven't been able to cultivate those same types of relationships on PC unfortunately.

Anyway, when the next gens come out, I shall be making my return to Xbox and I'm looking fwd to it.

#2 05-11-2019, 17:44:20 PM
thanks for the heads up!!

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