What Are You're Favourite Ways Of Evading The Police Roadblock?
#1 27-07-2019, 10:19:57 AM
Post you're favorite ways of evading the Police roadblock here. My personal favourite is to use Sunrise W12's charge boost ability to speed past them, or even warp between dimensions.

#2 27-07-2019, 16:51:51 PM
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I just like pretending I'm gonna ram it and they all poo poo their pants but then I end up phasing through them, thanks to the power of STELL

#3 28-07-2019, 07:28:50 AM
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my rig is so fast i'm past the coppers before they've even thought about putting up a roadblock

#4 06-08-2019, 19:32:32 PM
I drive MEGAONE backwards and do a world loop in 69 seconds and BAM I'm on the other side of the roadblock showing off my illegal cargo to these suckers

#5 19-11-2019, 03:09:42 AM
This is a forum. Knowledge Store I do not know where to find it.

bjorno the hedgehog
#6 21-11-2019, 00:48:06 AM
Iput out a fake radio call on my police scanner and alert the cops to a free donut giveaway on the other side of town and sneak past while they rush off to stuff themselves with fried dough.

 cheers m8
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