Maximum Speed of Big Rigs: Over The Hilll Racing
#1 14-06-2019, 12:32:05 PM
Well we know that the highest velocity traveled (backwards) on the game was 12 Undecillion MPH.
But can we go higher? Whats the highest number velocity a player can reach if they always held the backwards key? 1.8e+308 MPH? 32-bit integer?

#2 14-06-2019, 22:39:28 PM
It will increase forever

#3 15-06-2019, 11:22:43 AM
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The speed of the Rigs is unbound by the integer bits of mortals.

bjorno the hedgehog
#4 17-06-2019, 22:57:15 PM
the rigs are able to exceed the limits of the physical universe because they are gods

 cheers m8
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