Auctioning off my copy of BROTRR
#1 01-07-2018, 08:56:49 AM
Hey! I still have my old copy of BROTRR, it's in the original box and has the CD inside.

I'd give it away for free for an enthusiast who loves the game, but I'll have to pay for international shipping anyway so I figure I'd auction it off.

The item is located in Helsinki Finland.

Price starts at 20.

I figured you wouldnt trust some random jackass posting on a forum so here's the auction on the finnish auctioning website

I can always close the auction on the site if I get direct payment and I'll ship you the game.

#2 01-07-2018, 13:51:10 PM
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20??? That's a bargain for such a masterpiece! I already have 69 copies so I'll leave it for someone else

#3 01-07-2018, 22:52:02 PM
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This is actually a pretty good deal

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