Need help on modding BROTRR
#1 14-04-2018, 19:54:12 PM
I'm currently trying to expand BROTRR but I need help to do so. Currently I don't need any help but you can give me some advice already.

#2 14-04-2018, 22:07:32 PM
Don't mess with the trophy image unless it has the "YOU WIN !" CORRUPTION.

#3 15-04-2018, 06:41:35 AM
I need some help now.

There's some files that Nightride is missing. I made it load successfully but it crashes after starting the race.

#4 15-04-2018, 23:28:08 PM
My BROTRR's version has Nightride working but not the Small Town one. Do you want me to upload that track's files so you can mashup them and get a BROTRR with all the tracks?

#5 16-04-2018, 10:16:51 AM
Please do. If you do so you're  :stamp:

#6 16-04-2018, 15:25:54 PM
Unfortunately the game files only say track1/2/3/etc, how I am supposed to know which one is Nightride? I guess I have no choice but to upload them all.

#7 16-04-2018, 16:07:00 PM

#8 19-04-2018, 17:02:20 PM

#9 20-04-2018, 12:25:56 PM
This is not enough. I thought you had stuff like the AI, the objects and stuff, but I already have this stuff.

#10 20-04-2018, 18:26:59 PM
But mine works :c Do I have to reupload the entire game?

#11 21-04-2018, 07:19:06 AM
No. Okay, if your version of Big Rigs haves Nightride working then send me pics. If it's just a duplicate then you don't have the files.

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