im back
#1 09-10-2017, 14:22:41 PM
okay im back i just posted a few threads on the rigism board that i hope you enjoy

the children of our future will be slowly rearranged

the spirit of social off topic is simple fun and delightful insight

so since i wrote raps and stuff im making a new one!

we must overcome vanity... perhaps viewed as some as insanity.. but they are not entirely consumed by ignorance just simply infected.. that can be cured.

okay lets begin i be chillin by myself
the villian lie for weath but health my heart is a detective
incentive to elect this new spark from my vision
my breaks between posts spirtual intermission
forgiveness is what i seek, spinnin like a leek
viewed a a freak like a talking donkey with a lease
release your anger im unsure as the flow
but now i do know that my part of life won't erode
simple pleasures are appreciated free from the subliminal matrix
rise above fake poo poo you can't bake a cake with
my metaphors above some heads im the head of my class
stuck in the past when gangster rap was in its prime
understanding hatred and know the divine
inside the heart of stell becomes warm and evolves into bliss
passes the heat to all of us free to express ourselves
which i have said before but we explore our new channel
we on da council of the rigs float over big wigs
my mind on fire don't retire just gonna expand our desire
no one is as flyer they trying to stop me like a flat tire
that wiser ones avoid
grey void is not a myth
that really does exist
really does persist yes im here now
you don't want beef with me or any of these winners
they'll knock you off your tower cowards we having them for dinner
not a sinner or a beginner but damn we so thinner
lost emotional weight more we must understand fate
this is a natural progression and i see how we relate
they nervous like they on a date
with social aniexty inside our depth that channels through our body
is there really secrets and is there illuminati
but damn stell works right in our blood and replicates our cells
to be happy like our brain cells i know you lames well
tame spells that have been cast stell is magic like a wizard
cut your flow like scissors sippin on the sizzurp
god bless stells god
hells worth fighting for no its not
criminal plots are loser you fools hurt
tools blurt out we need technology and wealth
wish our thoughts were a currency understanding self
and others mothers aunts and such there is to much to be said
this stuff pops into my head im free and now we must be fed
I feed your soul but not to toot my horn we do this with eachother
our revelation brings a new era expanding our ability to communicate
consumed by hate once upon a time so i rhyme
to put the puzzle together to enlighten puzzled thoughts
do thoughts fall in love
hump her like a redead
explicit poo poo not needed
but if thoughts could expand themselves
would they make love
yes i swore but this is just a rap
so whatever we can swear without being bad
they all be seeing rad we like bags are glad
not a fad just rhymin bleeding from myself like a broken hymen
hymns that are worth hearing im going to make a bunch
you will eat them like your lunch for free like a brunch
bottomless like wings angel fever found that level
angel wings are hot its not a storm that we needed
that soul that we feeded
repetition key to greatness
and this faith is really swell
yeah i know the words so well
make the words fall in love with me
the thug we need we don't need crime
thugs turning positive is a good thing
a hood things that could bring them closer to us
we don't take poo poo for granted grant you wishes for bitches
cause im not limited in casting spells im lasting well
brats evolve to fine men they leave poo poo behind them
remind kin


knew what we grew up for
drug stores
capture knowledge and know that wisdom is important to
shout out to lil b who taught me that
and this is the end but really is the beginning
you all are the winners and the winners are winning

 :stamp: :stamp: :roddy: :roddy:

bjorno the hedgehog
#2 12-10-2017, 20:34:45 PM
welcome friend!!!
how was life in prison?

 cheers m8
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