Anyone still loves Need for Speed Underground 2
#1 28-04-2017, 02:44:16 AM
Back in the old days where EA used to be WINNER and owned the best racing games (featuring tunning and cars), NFSU2 is still my favorite racing game ever. And a few weeks ago I just discovered that people still play that game online using a program called GameRanger, I was amazed. I enjoyed playing with random dudes and everything, but it was still lacking some WINNERness... and now that my account was finally approved in this WINNER site I was thinking: Why not to make some WINNER sessions with my new fellow BROTRRers? This game has 3 trucks after all, and I've never raced with trucks online in that game.
So if anyone is interested please let me know in this topic, I could use your WINNERness to make this already great game more funnier.
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bjorno the hedgehog
#2 01-05-2017, 22:28:11 PM
you can drive a miata, so its pretty much the best

 cheers m8
#3 02-05-2017, 00:43:56 AM
But I want to play using trucks, nobody else does?

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