Big Rigs From Other Dimensions
#1 16-02-2017, 14:59:52 PM
So, one day let's say you were able to go to a parallel universe and bring one thing back. Obviously, you'd choose a copy of BROTRR from that universe. But what would be different about it?

Some nice changes I thought of:
-All engine sounds are replaced with Jar Jar Binks saying "Oh No!"
-It's played on CD-I
-The opposing truck moves randomly, through obstacles and at infinite speeds backwards, while you cannot move

#2 16-02-2017, 15:22:13 PM
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wow, that'd surely be a different experience... and not necessarily a WINNER one. But it's ok because it's just fantasy scenario! YOU'RE WINNER !

#3 18-02-2017, 07:17:12 AM
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the fact that it's on CD-i made me happy

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