[ADOM] The Adventures of Richard Part II: The Lost Dog
bjorno the hedgehog
#31 04-05-2016, 01:22:03 AM
is this runescape???

 cheers m8
#32 15-05-2016, 04:22:24 AM
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Pretty good ADOM run tonight

I made it to the HIGH Mountain Village for the first time ever. Not sure what to do here, so I left:

Then I remembered I left a spellbook at Lawenilothehl, so I went there to pick it up. By this point I started getting pretty cocky.
I saw Barnabas (a shopkeeper who always rips you off) all alone, and I thought I could take him out. Turns out it's not so easy/

He summoned his thugs and I was dead in 2 turns


#34 19-05-2016, 11:54:27 AM
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they have grown on me a lot just as wazhack's graphics do

they are now my favorite tiles out of any roguelike i've played

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