Alberto Del Rio Is Awesome
#1 06-11-2015, 17:08:33 PM
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Summary: ADR is working an 8-minute match with Kofi Kingston, when the ref leans in and tells him to tack on an extra 14 FREAKING MINUTES... MID-MATCH. He and Kingston do this without even asking why. Afterwards, it turns out they were asked to do this because CM PUNK JUST QUIT...


Name one time YOU were cool with working over twice as long as you prepared for, only to find out you were covering for a guy that quit without notice for dubious "personal" reasons. Would you just be like "well, good for that guy"?

Alberto Del Rio is a class act. :rocky:

big rigs is great and i want to suck his cock

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#2 06-11-2015, 19:08:32 PM
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Viva MexAmerica

#3 16-06-2016, 16:51:27 PM
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Just found out Del Rio is dating Paige that perro!! I remember when he said he'd introduce her to his nephew but now he's keeping her for himself.

Perro loco!

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