Who the hell told Angelina Jolie she could direct??
#1 23-07-2015, 19:45:43 PM
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Just watched Unbroken... well, tried to. More like Unwatchable!

#2 23-07-2015, 23:09:51 PM
it didn't look THAT bad

#3 25-07-2015, 10:29:08 AM
Look into the External Images folder wherever you have any pics of the genre. Here is a cool name.

#4 26-07-2015, 19:26:46 PM
A ghost starts to posses him in the building because lady can't bring herself to live in the end but just know it is one of the residents comes upon him, not entirely dead yet, and starts stabbing him in the arms of some random... When the other twin sees this, she hangs herself, and guess what, it's the best episode so far, what do you guys think?

#5 27-07-2015, 01:16:35 AM
what series is this

lana_chan my name is erin
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