What a great Monday Night Raw this week (spoilers)
#1 23-04-2015, 05:36:43 AM
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The RKOs truly came from out of nowhere

#2 24-04-2015, 16:20:50 PM
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Smackdown was great as well

The main event was the best I've seen so far. The crowd was even chanting, "This is awesome!"

#3 24-04-2015, 16:28:03 PM
Overall, Extreme Rules is shaping to be a great event, and even better that it will be FREE on the WWE Network.

Steev, what do you think of the New Day vs. Cesaro and Kidd?  I really like what they are doing with the New Day, and especially Big E.

#4 24-04-2015, 17:22:14 PM
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Yeah there's a lot to look forward to this Sunday at Extreme Rules (Free on WWE Network)..

ZIGS vs Sheamus "Kiss Me Arse" match
John Cena vs Rusev Russian Chain Match
Dean Ambrose vs  Luke Harper Chicago street fight
Roman Reigns vs Big Show last man standing match
New Day vs Cesaro & Kidd for the tag team championship
And of course the main event, Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton STEEL CAGE MATCH with KANE as the gatekeeper, RKO is BANNED!

I'm actually rooting for New Day because they promote positivity and also I just don't like Tyson Kidd's face (:/)

#5 24-04-2015, 17:25:37 PM
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