Cheap Android with Requirements
#31 23-05-2015, 19:22:37 PM
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Hint: it's not the camera's fault :twisted:

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The only problem I have with the camera is it makes my dick look too small I don't know why

can you post an example

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I finally got the upgrade to lollipop and now my phone can run three apps at a time (one of which is google maps!!!), the keyboard stopped crashing, everything is so smooth.

thank you Google :youreman:

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#34 17-09-2015, 19:23:26 PM
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yeah that's what i've been hearing. I also got to play with a Moto E that didn't have this problem at all.

I should get the Lolipop update next month hopefully!

#35 19-09-2015, 17:04:51 PM
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ok i need everyone's help

Someone wants to upgrade her obamaphone.

Looking for the absolute cheapest smartphone that isn't garbage.  $100 is too much.
Must be compatible with AT&T

Can anything beat a 1st gen moto e for $55??

#36 21-09-2015, 14:36:07 PM
Why Do You Call Me Rani

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i don't get it

lana_chan my name is erin
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#39 26-09-2015, 18:29:33 PM
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I have the 1st gen moto e in my hands right now and I don't want to give it up, I'm amazed at how good a $50 phone can be! So yeah if you want a really cheap phone just get one of those free obamaphones they're handing out all over california or buy one off a drug addict and stick the simcard in a moto e

Thanks Obama (Y)

#40 27-09-2015, 11:27:11 AM
Only Married Men On Job

#41 27-01-2017, 22:13:39 PM
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Simply blown away by the Amazon prime-exclusive BLU (Bold Like Us) R1 HD

$60 gets you:
+ MediaTek 6735 quad-core Cortex-A53 (better than A7!) @ 1.3 GHz
+ 16 GB storage
+ 2 GB RAM
+ Dual SIM cards
+ 4g LTE
+ 8 MP main camera and 5 MP selfie camera that includes a front-facing LED flash*
+ Stunning 5" 1280x720 display with Gorilla glass 3 protection
+ The nicest chinaphone I have ever witnessed

- Lock screen ads (removable)

*people have called the camera mediocre, but honestly the pictures look fine to me because I am not a camera nerd

Hard to believe a couple years ago I thought the Moto G was the GOAT, but now a chinaphone is beating it.

Sadly though it is not for me it's for my mom

#42 28-01-2017, 03:11:23 AM
The ads aren't really that bad either if you're looking to save as much money as you can

#43 28-01-2017, 14:36:56 PM
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damn 1 per customer

so if i were to order one for myself, it would have to be the 8/1gb version


bjorno the hedgehog
#44 29-01-2017, 18:40:16 PM
thats real cheap

 cheers m8
#45 31-01-2017, 16:19:31 PM
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Dear friends,

I have now in my hands the Blu R1 HD 8/1GB CE (cuck edition). Mixed feelings. The phone is still very nice just like the 16/2 version.
~3.5 GB free space available on the /data partition ootb (Coming from a phone with 4 GB TOTAL storage that is an improvement)

IMPORTANT: do not apply the OTA update or you will lose the ability to unlock the bootloader!

I unlocked the bootloader and installed TWRP following this method:

Then I SAFELY applied the latest OTA update through TWRP following this method:

ROOT: It is hard to find a trustworthy su binary for Android these days, smh.

At first I tried Magisk with phh SuperUser (FOSS root), but it didn't work for some reason (maybe I did it wrong?). After that I decided to follow the crowd and install SuperSU (closed-source, owned by shady Chinese company), which worked OK


Overall it is a lot more responsive than my old Moto E

I played some of my favorite games:

WazHack - fullspeed
Snes9x2010 - fullspeed
NXEngine (Cave Story) - fullspeed
Siralim 2 - Laggy animations during battle - this is so sad.... I know Siralim 2 isn't the most optimized game for mobile, but I expected it to run fine

Pokemon GO - haven't tried yet


This is where "mixed feelings" comes from. It sucks. Real devs don't touch chinaphones - why would they when they're living in the bay area making $420,000,000/year? They can afford the flagpoo poos. Gonna miss official LineageOS support on my Moto E. RIP

Phone is great, stock OS is great, but don't expect it to be updated. Basically this is the Bud Light of phones, but it's not the Coors Light of phones.

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