Rusty iron nail found in shoe
#1 13-07-2014, 02:44:34 AM
Today I was putting on my tennis shoes when I noticed a rusty iron nail inside. This leads me to believe that someone either put it inside or it somehow fell in. Have any of you found rusty iron nails in your tennis shoes?

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#2 13-07-2014, 07:56:54 AM
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Yeah, I've gotten rusty nails in my tennies, so I switched to Cat boots. You ever go ride your bike around the block and gain a pounds or two because you pick up rusty metal?

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#3 13-07-2014, 08:22:21 AM
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I've never found a rusty nail in my shoe

#4 13-07-2014, 08:44:51 AM
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I've found so many nails in my boots/shoes over the years it isn't even funny. Actually, it is a little bit funny. One time I tried to pull them out with nail nippers but they were so rusty they just broke m8s.

#5 13-07-2014, 11:43:58 AM
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i never found a rusty nail in my shoe, but i did step on one and was about 1mm away from lodging it into my foot

#6 13-07-2014, 11:49:03 AM
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more like tetanus shoes

#7 13-07-2014, 11:49:20 AM
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my cat always puts stuff in my shoes

#8 13-07-2014, 12:01:37 PM
Is your cat Santa Claus!!!!!!????????????????

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