Wikipedia corrections
#1 15-05-2014, 19:53:36 PM

The reception section of the Wikipedia page was LOSER, luckily corrections have been made and now it is once again WINNER.

#2 15-05-2014, 20:35:41 PM
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#3 15-05-2014, 20:45:25 PM
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Somebody vandalized it again. Please fix it

#4 15-05-2014, 20:47:19 PM
This is what it looked like before someone reverted your corrections.

Big Rigs: Over the road racing was released to critical acclaim, being praised for its "devil-may-care" attitude to the laws of physics, the graphics and the ability to leave the game. Ign praised the game saying "10/10 like Skyrim with trucks". PC gamer was quoted as saying "Big rigs is one of, if not, the most stunning and memorable game of all time". At metacritic, the game recieved a score of 100/100 indicating universal acclaim, which called the Metacritic scoring system into question, as it has been said that 100/100 is simply too low a score to describe the game's quality. Many other critics praised the games story line, saying that the illegal cargo is so illegal that not even the player can know about it, which adds a high sense of realism to the game. In 2004, Big Rigs: Over The Road racing won the Physics Nobel Prize, for it's creation of what has been described as "the best physics engine of all time".

#5 02-06-2014, 22:08:38 PM
That's great! Too bad LOSERS will attempt to bury the truth forever and ever on Wikipedia but no matter how hard they try it's still all true!

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