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who do you think Sandow pissed off to go from winning Money in the Bank to this?

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Smark response:  He dared face John Cena, and Cena told Triple H to bury Sandow just like Wade Barret was buried in Summerslam 2011.  Naturally they had Sandow job to one-armed Cena and his five moves of doom. 

More likely:  Bad place at a bad time when they decided to unify the titles but couldn't use someone who they felt wasn't yet established.  But it is baffling why they continue to put him in a Ryder-esque position, although some say it's a good thing because he's at least getting TV time.

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Sandow's kind of a one trick pony gimmick-wise, although I blame the writers more for that one.  Basically if the "Creative" team can't think of what to do with you, but you're still a solid worker, they put you on jabroni detail in the hopes that they come up with something.  Sadly, Sandow's just about at the end of his credibility, and I fear he doesn't have enough heat to pull a Chavo and live in JOTS hell long enough to wear a new face.

It really is sad, because my favorite heels are always the "too smart for you" ones.  Sandow was unique in that he didn't go the chickenpoo poo route with his gimmick, and could actually back up his bravado once upon a time.  That was before he god fed to Cena The T-Shirt Machine.

And let's get real here, folks: Cena's merch numbers are, legit, FIVE TIMES HIGHER than even the next person on the roster.  He's not going anywhere soon.

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