These dollar store Cup Noodles smell like melted plastic
#1 19-04-2014, 13:31:54 PM
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Cup Scroodles

#2 19-04-2014, 13:33:07 PM
I cant eat these because i dont have a pot to boil water in and the tap doesnt get hot enough. My shower gets burning hot, tried that out once but it didnt really work either

#3 19-04-2014, 13:36:30 PM
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i just fill the cup with cold water and microwave it for 2 minutes
it says not to, but i do it anyway

#4 19-04-2014, 13:55:23 PM
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that's probably why it smells like burning plastic

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#5 19-04-2014, 19:54:19 PM
put a glass cup of water in the microwave, microwave it for like 3 minutes or so (maybe less depending on your microwave, mine is from like 1980 so it's way less powerful)

open the lid, dump the hot water in and close the lid again for like 3 minutes

stir & enjoy

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#6 27-04-2014, 02:51:47 AM
im so hot the noodles cook by themselves ;)

 cheers m8
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