steev gets into the EXCLUSIVE Chainsaw Warrior Linux Beta!
#1 21-03-2014, 11:18:30 AM
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AurochJohnty: Hey there
steev: Hi
AurochJohnty: Developers of Chainsaw warrior here
AurochJohnty: We are releasing an update and doing a Linuc test
AurochJohnty: I see you posted for the beta test as a linux user
AurochJohnty: Are you still interested
steev: oh yeah
AurochJohnty: ?
steev: Sure
AurochJohnty: Ok great :)
AurochJohnty: I will get back to you about it shortly
AurochJohnty: Do you currently own the game?
steev: No, but I can buy a copy
AurochJohnty: No, we wuill send you a code as a thanks for the testing
AurochJohnty: :)
steev: Awesome, thanks
AurochJohnty: You are most welcome
AurochJohnty: Should be ready in the next hour or two
steev: Alright, sounds good

bjorno the hedgehog
#2 21-03-2014, 13:09:07 PM
hi im steam admin i need to know your password to check if youve been hacked

 cheers m8
#3 21-03-2014, 13:46:10 PM
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This game is great there's a bug that causes me to win every time!
It's sort of like Big Rigs: The Card Game :winner:

#4 15-03-2015, 20:23:05 PM
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OK so last year I was one of the official Linux testers and gave very valuable feedback, but the dev still couldn't get it to work properly (see above) and just gave up. He actually told me I should "just play it on Windows" which offended me deeply, but I never publicly badmouthed him because that would be so immature.

Well now the dev has redeemed himself. He just informed me that they got the engine working on Linux

Just letting you guys know....

#5 15-03-2015, 20:28:23 PM
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This game is great there's a bug that causes me to win every time!
It's sort of like Big Rigs: The Card Game :winner:

Sounds like a feature to me! :trophy:

#6 16-03-2015, 19:14:55 PM
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OK so this game is pretty lame honestly. All luck no skill involved, but for some reason I like rolling dice and looking at the cool pictures
So idk, I think I like it?

Easy mode is a joke, I beat it on the 2nd try. I would have beat it on the first try if some lunatic didn't steal my laser blaster

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