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#31 25-03-2014, 21:07:40 PM
steam is very slow and bloated

lana_chan my name is erin
#32 25-03-2014, 21:42:16 PM
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Yeah, and so are a lot of other sites these days.

Webmasters should be filling their sites with , not bloat.

#33 25-03-2014, 22:08:25 PM
steam is very slow and bloated

ur MOM is slow and bloated

#34 27-03-2014, 18:27:58 PM
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steev how do i see all my tags, they don't show up in the profile and i can't try to add a new one to get the full list

okay for now you can click the + sign to view all your tags (under the "popular tags for this user" list), but note that you still won't be able to tag yourself!
I'll eventually make a popup window for this, but right now I'm too lazy

#35 27-03-2014, 18:53:05 PM
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I think there is an issue with how the tags are ordered.
If many tags have the same COUNT, they are not always displayed in the same order. It really pisses me off!

Todo: fix

#36 27-03-2014, 22:05:02 PM
what about viewing full tags, they are still truncated even when going to the + page if they`re too long

lana_chan my name is erin
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