HELP AGAIN! More Nexus 7 Crazyness!
#1 24-07-2013, 00:39:57 AM
So now when I turn on my ASUS Nexus 7 the icons on the home screen appear briefly then disappear for about five minutes before returning again.  The connection speed also slows down to a tick without any kind of warning, preventing great apps such as Netflix from running.


#2 24-07-2013, 00:44:33 AM
Also apps are updating themselves constantly when this didn't use to be the case!   :loser:

#3 28-07-2013, 11:19:40 AM
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did you ever figure it out

wipe it

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#4 28-07-2013, 14:43:01 PM
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No, I still haven't figured out.  The thing is that there are several things wrong with it, but not all of them may necessarily be related (for example the WiFi thing could have nothing do with the icons disappearing-reappearing).  I'm taking it to a friend soon and then wiping it if that doesn't work. 

#5 28-07-2013, 20:15:48 PM
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can you back up your internal memory first in case you decide to go back?

getting things back of track after a wipe can be hard

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