dice man eats poo poo in his truck in shady neighborhoods picture blog
#31 26-07-2013, 00:37:47 AM
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I will never believe you until I see a picture of you wearing the cowboy hat

#32 26-07-2013, 00:48:40 AM
Put the hat on the roof of your truck to convince these non-believers!

bjorno the hedgehog
#33 26-07-2013, 01:53:12 AM
eat the truck part by part

 cheers m8
#34 26-07-2013, 09:27:38 AM
Feed the truck pollo a la brasa with the cowboy hat acting as a bowl/dish while using the cricket bat as a serving utensil

#35 26-07-2013, 11:08:37 AM
Fill the back of your truck with cement and take a picture.

Excellent Music Records
#36 26-07-2013, 15:13:22 PM
Do something silly

#38 26-07-2013, 16:12:24 PM

Me in Korea

#39 26-07-2013, 17:00:50 PM
Did you bang many kpop idols?

#40 26-07-2013, 17:21:34 PM
Hey Constantine maroulis get ur own picture blog sent from my iPhone

#41 26-07-2013, 17:33:18 PM
Did you bang many kpop idols?
No, but I did have two near-sexual encounters there.

Once, I was sitting on a bench and a bus drove by. Two middle school girls on the bus waved at me and giggled at each other. Had it been Japan, that would have been a prelude to some kind of geisha-schoolgirl orgy.

Another time, I was walking to the subway and a couple of hot dominatrix-looking K-goths walked by me on my right. Their arms were swinging pretty far as they were speed walking. The left hand of one of the girls grazed my dick as it hit my thigh. Instant boner.

#42 26-07-2013, 17:49:07 PM
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wow thunder you've really grown up into an attractive young man

#43 26-07-2013, 20:45:12 PM

#44 26-07-2013, 20:54:19 PM
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did you get soda shaq?

#45 26-07-2013, 21:04:41 PM
No I did see it but everyone in the store was black or Mexican and I didn't want to get ridiculed for buying a soda with a big pic of shaq on it

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