Humble Weekly Sale: Spiderweb Software
#1 11-07-2013, 22:39:25 PM
I've posted about isometric RPGs before and raved about Geneforge in past Steam sale topics but this deal is just out of this WORLD.  There are 15 games here, each well over 25 hours of gameplay and each with incredible stories.  They are definitely not flashy graphically and the sound also leaves a lot to be desired but you won't really find better stories than this.  The best RPGs out there after Fallout, Baldurs Gate etc imo.  Also donate the money to charity, the developer is a huge asshole and I actually hate him (he just makes good games)

#2 11-07-2013, 22:45:37 PM
I thought the first geneforge was pretty cool, then I played like an hour or so of the second one and it was cool but I dunno, I got burnt out on the RETRO OLD SCHOOL gameplay. At some point I will play the other three games. Maybe..............................................

#3 11-07-2013, 22:46:31 PM
Yeah I don't blame you, it was hard to start the next one up because the graphics and stuff were the same.  I like to think of them as really good fantasy novels basically

#4 11-07-2013, 23:17:31 PM
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