SECRET: Post here to petition the admins secretely to ban me or another
#1 09-07-2013, 07:19:58 AM
Go ahead, you can request it here, only admins can see this thread. Now childish banning requests can be done here instead of via PM 
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#2 09-07-2013, 07:25:34 AM
I'll start us off. *PM to Steev* can you please ban Cirus for forcing me to get a bad haircut? He also one day called me diceman without a capital D and it really upset me, can we ban him?

#3 09-07-2013, 11:42:53 AM
Any action on this ? It's urgent that my banning whims be settled immediately because I am a big baby with entitlement issues

#4 09-07-2013, 13:57:01 PM
I would like to see Diceman banned. He keeps calling me Irish and he knowns damn well I'm Northern Irish. He also shot me twice when we were playing Serious Sam.

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#5 09-07-2013, 14:17:30 PM
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Please ban Cornetto I just asked him if he's ever been arrested by the garda and he told me it was actually gardai, I didn't care for his tone and felt it was abusive.

Also he wont accept my friend request

also he shouts at me too

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#6 09-07-2013, 14:19:27 PM
Also can we please ban Skrag for never trying black pudding before?


#7 09-07-2013, 16:03:21 PM
I'm going to ban you all back to bansville.

#8 09-07-2013, 16:04:39 PM
I would ban every single person if I could

#9 09-07-2013, 16:08:03 PM
Ban cirus for wanting to ban others

#10 09-07-2013, 16:13:03 PM
Ban all these chucklefetchs, me included

#11 09-07-2013, 16:23:56 PM
Ban Cirus/Laptop

#12 09-07-2013, 16:25:06 PM
Ban Swetlana

#13 09-07-2013, 16:26:00 PM
Ban Swetlana

You spelled the name wrong, ban you

#14 09-07-2013, 16:33:28 PM
I did that on purpose, you've fallen into my trap.

#15 09-07-2013, 19:14:00 PM
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If I could ban Cirus without losing my admin privileges I would :twisted:

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