Bookclub #1 - July - PICK A BOOK
#16 07-07-2013, 19:13:48 PM
Ender's Game is excellent, the rest of the series is total garbage

AMEN SISTA AMEN! I couldn't read any of the others. But I'd like to re-read enders game and I already have the Epub wooop.

bjorno the hedgehog
#17 07-07-2013, 19:49:29 PM
Orson Scott Card clearly was trying to get the reader to identify with Ender, a character who he made almost godlike. All I could think while reading it was how obvious it was that the author was trying to get me to place myself in Ender, he was bullied and abused by the other boys in the space thingy but because he was genetically superior or whatever the fetch he would foil them. It was assuming since I was reading a child's science-fiction book I was a bullied nerd with a superiority complex and would associate with the bullied nerd (who was made superior). Lacking any personal connection to Ender I found the way he was portrayed to be annoying. The ending goes on too long, introduces the bug assholes to pad out for sequels and loses any momentum it would have had (had it not been just a running stream of self-wanking victim-complex garbage).
Also the book is full of masochism, homophobia and other dumb poo poo, THANKS ORSON.

 cheers m8
bjorno the hedgehog
#18 07-07-2013, 19:49:40 PM
fetch that book

 cheers m8
#19 07-07-2013, 20:14:09 PM
I agree with bjorno; Ender's Game is total trash and should be titled "Orson's Failure" instead.  This book is more hyped than the second coming of Jesus, a Ron Paul presidency, and The Catcher in the Rye combined.  If this book could be cancerous, it would be like a stage four hit to the pancreas.  You know that scene in the bathroom with Ender and Bonzo?  That's what this book does to you -- over and over.  There is zero redeeming quality to this title.

Back in high school I had to do a video project of key scenes of the book with three other people in my 9th grade English literature class.  Since everyone from my school had fat stacks and I had none, I had to travel 2 hours to get to their cavernous mansions.  Then everyone laughed at me for being poor.  Since they were lazy as hell, I wound up doing 90% of the work, but they all got As.  Thanks, Ender's Game. 

#20 07-07-2013, 20:25:33 PM
Locking this topic because we don't really have the details worked out yet!

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