Another glorious game has arrived
#1 01-07-2013, 14:25:57 PM

The review is not done by HWSNBN, but it sounds like GS is beating up on quality low budget developers.  This needs to stop!

#2 01-07-2013, 16:05:05 PM
The gaming-industrial complex has gone too far this time.  Motorbike is one of the games that pays homage to greats like Big Rigs and Shaq Fu, so it's obvious why Gamespot wants to silence it.

#3 01-07-2013, 20:16:12 PM
Here is a trial on the PC for this great game.

#4 07-07-2013, 23:45:31 PM
I am attempting to download the trial, and it is moving very slow.  It must be GS hacking my internets to prevent me from attaining this glorious game!  :volcanicity:

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