What is the best way to complain about this?
#1 19-04-2013, 22:12:16 PM
A few days ago I ordered a book from Amazon with a one-day shipping option, which meant I had to pay a relatively high premium.  I ordered it in the evening, so I would have understood if it actually did not arrive the next day but the day after. However, because the book still has not come, I checked with Amazon and the expected shipping date is on April 28th!  I believe the original shipping date did show the day after the purchase, but at some point this information changed.

I am sure I can get the money I paid for shipping back, but I feel that since they did not send me a message warning me about the mass disparity in shipment dates, I should be compensated further.  Perhaps I should get the book for free or some Amazon credit.  I needed the book quickly, and now I am stuck without it. 

Do you think it's possible to ask for more than just the shipping price back?  How would you go about it?  What would YOU do?


#2 19-04-2013, 22:18:02 PM
I highly doubt they give you more than the shipping

#3 20-04-2013, 03:38:16 AM
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it's definitely being sold by Amazon themselves, and not some third-party business trading on Amazon's website?

Amazon are too big to care about your book being delayed for a week or more, but these smaller businesses value every sale, if you complain nicely they might give you the book for free

#4 20-04-2013, 07:56:33 AM
They will probably tell you that they sent it NDA on the correct day and blame the carrier.

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