How does it feel to have your own ask board?
#1 03-04-2013, 16:19:15 PM
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Were you surprised when it happened?

#2 03-04-2013, 16:34:50 PM
  • Welcome to the layer cake son.
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Surprised?  Not really - for some reason there's now a weird fascination with me on this forum, with all this Skrag'd business etc, but I don't really mind.  Because I seem to be the focus of attention recently, suddenly having my own "ask" board didn't really surprise me.

I'm not online that often, but will try to answer any questions promptly :roddy:

#3 03-04-2013, 16:38:08 PM
"They love Skrag'd. These people here love Skrag'd for some reason." - RockmanKenny

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