2013 AFL Season
#1 28-03-2013, 13:24:40 PM

This weekend the 2013 AFL season starts up for real.

A flowchart to help you pick your team:

Here's a video on how the rules work:

And of course a good place to read discussions and see highlights and stuff:

I am a Geelong Cats fan till I die, GO CATS

#2 29-03-2013, 01:41:22 AM
I am disappointed this is not a thread about the Arena Football League.

#3 29-03-2013, 07:05:44 AM
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I guess i'll go Collingwood or Melbourne I do want to get into this and become an internet expert

#4 29-03-2013, 10:29:41 AM
I cried during the last 5 minutes of the video i'm so glad i'm learning a sport without colors

#5 29-03-2013, 15:09:35 PM
Cyrus pick a match for this weekend we can both stream I want to watch this poo poo that video was inspirational and got me so pumped

#6 29-03-2013, 15:12:42 PM
By my calculations Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane lions in  7 hours, gws giants vs Sydney swans in 10 hours.

#7 29-03-2013, 19:26:35 PM
Smoking a dutch master and watching this video again

#8 30-03-2013, 19:00:35 PM
Yo Cirus 2AM my time 11PM your time Geelong Cats vs Hawthorn hawks are you down or what?

#9 30-03-2013, 19:25:21 PM
I mean I can try but no guarantees

#10 31-03-2013, 06:00:06 AM
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just posting in this topic to say the guy wearing blue face make-up in the OP looks really gay


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That is Cirus' role model

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