Why TheGrandMystic doesn't have a cat
#1 20-03-2013, 21:02:53 PM
Don't really have the space or want to spend the money/upkeep for one right now, but when I move to a different place I'm considering getting one (@)

#2 20-03-2013, 22:13:26 PM
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thanks for this important public service announcement

Dissident International Anti-Furry Organization
bjorno the hedgehog
#4 20-03-2013, 23:03:03 PM
also they will give you toxoplasmosis

 cheers m8
#5 20-03-2013, 23:06:17 PM

#6 20-03-2013, 23:26:59 PM
I kind of like cats, but I am mildly allergic so no cats for me

#7 20-03-2013, 23:29:29 PM
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get a cat you lazy bastard

#8 20-03-2013, 23:30:10 PM
Ahahaha who the fetch did this, I just got my head stuck in the honeypot didn't I

#9 20-03-2013, 23:44:38 PM
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You answered a question in EJ's board before he got to, so I had to move your post.

Don't feel too bad, I've done it too by accident, but it is like someone blowing out the candles on EJ's birthday cake at his birthday party!!

#10 20-03-2013, 23:49:14 PM
Ohhh I had no idea where I was posting and it's great that you did that but why did this also have to be stickied front-and-center, my cat situation is not that interesting or important!

#12 21-03-2013, 02:18:11 AM
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I know you would, EJ

I would make you admin if this was my forum, but it belongs to Cirus so I cant :(
Maybe when Cirus dies he will leave it to me, then I can make you admin!!

#13 21-03-2013, 02:32:37 AM
Get Cirus to put it in his will, the line of succession must remain strong!

#14 21-03-2013, 11:01:28 AM
My cat looks at some of the animated banners for YW.

Also tries to attack my cursor.

#15 21-03-2013, 12:50:32 PM
Most nights I go out for midnight shao kao and always make sure to feed the local alley cat with my leftovers.

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