Lance Armstrong
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He's kind of a bitch

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If I want to idolize people who beat cancer I can do that with people I know personally, not an athlete who cheated his way to fame that we never should have heard about anyway!

exactly this

plus the fact he demonized and destroyed anyone who talked out against him. really dislike the guy honestly

I haven't really been following this but based on what you guys are writing maybe he is a

#19 17-01-2013, 00:43:27 AM
Okay yeah he's an asshole, but it doesn't take away from how impressive 7 Tour victories is

#20 17-01-2013, 00:48:32 AM
a huge amount of great athletes are assholes

#21 17-01-2013, 08:52:52 AM
I think if I had the right doctor, the right steroids, and trained 24/7 i'd win the tour de france.

And actually he won it 0 times, they all were stripped from him.

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"On reflection, it's probably not the best business decision ever"

bjorno the hedgehog
#24 23-01-2013, 02:40:40 AM
he is probably still better than anybody else who aint on roids so I think he still rules.

 cheers m8
bjorno the hedgehog
#25 23-01-2013, 02:40:58 AM
I assume he has stopped doing them ?????????

 cheers m8
#26 23-01-2013, 04:04:27 AM
why is he armstrong surely he needs strong LEGS to be a good cyclist???? hahahaha

I know! Then it could be "Live strong with Legstrong".

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