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#76 29-03-2013, 09:45:49 AM
I think the ones in the UK are better, probably invented by Sir Dyson or something.. Ours don't work

#77 29-03-2013, 11:45:55 AM
Electric shavers are ass.  Or, to put it in a way skrag can understand, electric shavers are arse

#78 29-03-2013, 14:46:13 PM
Yeah I owned an electric shaver once upon a time but it never really felt like it gave me a completely clean shave, ended up ditching it and haven't looked back

#79 29-03-2013, 14:57:03 PM
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i was 10 the first time i tried shaving and i cut my lip open and there was blood everywhere

#80 31-03-2013, 13:09:21 PM
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i was 10 the first time i tried shaving and i cut my lip open and there was blood everywhere

way to miss a great opportunity for using blood lettering, you fool

#81 31-03-2013, 18:13:58 PM
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every time i tried to use an electric razor i just irritated the fetch out of my skin so they can piss right off !!!!!!!

#82 31-03-2013, 19:38:48 PM
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bjorno the hedgehog
#83 31-03-2013, 21:46:27 PM
my ass is a wild untamed jungle

 cheers m8
#84 03-04-2013, 00:20:34 AM

Razor -- Edwin Jagger De86bl Faux Ebony Double Edge Safety Razor, Black -- $32.29

This thing is solid and heavy.  It is about the same size as a disposable razor but so much more manly-feeling.  I haven't used any other ones so I don't really know how to compare them but this one is really good so just go with that.  I guess if I had to pick a complaint it's that the handle is smooth so it can be kind of slick but not really.  Also the Derby blades aren't the best.

Soap -- Arko Shaving Soap Stick -- $4.70

This is better than the Proraso I mentioned on the first post, at least for these razors.  It's cheap at least and lathers better than the Proraso so I recommend getting it.

Brush -- Eco Tools Bamboo Finishing Kabuki Brush -- $7.49

Some dude on reddit recommended this and I have never used another brush but this is cheap so whatever.  It works so that's cool.

Blades -- 32 Blade Sampler -- $25.00

Sampling blades is cool so why not get a pack! 

Nick Sealant -- Clubman Pinaud Dab-On Nick Relief -- $3.09

After you nick yourself 5-8 times during your first few DE experiences, put this on them to get a very painful sting that stops all the bleeding.  Cool!

Alum Block -- Barber Alum -- $6.00

You rub this on your face after shaving and it makes your skin smooth and stuff.  I guess this is a problem for people with sensitive skin like me but it works so that's just great.

Bought some aftershave samples from but they haven't come yet so I can't review that.


#85 03-04-2013, 01:38:39 AM
Libertarians just will their hairs into falling off instead of using outside force.

#86 03-04-2013, 14:32:01 PM
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is it that much of a better shaving experience or is it just a retro/masculinity thing

Dissident International Anti-Furry Organization
#87 03-04-2013, 14:39:56 PM
1. Much cheaper, blade packs are often about $10 for 100
2. It's a much closer shave
3. You have a lot more control of shaving

1. More difficult
2. Takes more time than disposable razors

More details if requested.

#88 03-04-2013, 20:42:25 PM
I got the aftershaves, they smell fabulous

#89 04-04-2013, 13:34:49 PM
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One time I used AXE and Janine's friend was all like OH YOU SMELL GOOD

We all got drunk that night and when i was going to sleep she CLIMBED INTO BED WITH ME

Use AXE get bitches

#90 04-04-2013, 23:13:18 PM
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I have no shame in admitting that I used in my hair instead of pomade, smells OK and held my hair in whatever position I needed it to be (something greasy from the 50s) instead of getting a haircut.

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