The Story of Big Rigs
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I originally posted this beautiful story on the WINNERwiki, and decided to bring it here for completeness sake. Enjoy:

''Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing'' features a complex and gripping storyline that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. In the year 2153, WINNERness has been outlawed by Alex Navarro and his band of LOSERs, furries, racists, and non-heterosexual persongots. Copies of this game itself have been banned, and all hope seems lost. However, the Four Rigs have salvaged the remaining copies of BROTRR, and a few WINNER strongholds have been established undetected. The rigs then realize that in order to return order, they must spread BROTRR across the country, and eventually the world. In short: get ready for some brake jamm'in, CB talk'in, convey roll'in action acoss America! From Portland Oregon to Miami Florida, you'll be hauling loads and trying to stay one step ahead of the law as you climb into your Big Rig for non-stop driving action. And if that's not enough, you'll also be able to race your modified Rig on one of 5 different tracks for the ultimate driving rush as you crush the competition and set a new track record!

After the Four Rigs travel through Devil Passage 1, Devil Passage 2, and Forgotten Road 1, Navarro gets wind of their crusades to stop LOSER. Realizing he is barely a match for the forces of WINNER, Navarro escorts a police force of Dark LOSER Agents, led by the mercenary CATS. Towards the end of their race across Forgotten Road, Sunrise's owner Durik remains one step ahead of the others, gaining hyper boost power ups, hitting every checkpoint (up until that point), and making sure not to hit any WINNER-proof buildings that would damage even a rig going through a wall. Suddenly, Durik is distracted by the gunfire of a redneck cop nested in a dark storage building. As the other rigs pass on by, Durik gets out of his rig and walks up to the cop, a shotgun in hand. Inside the warehouse, he is confronted by the LOSER Agents as well as CATS. Durik then shoots the redneck cop three times - it is at this point that CATS is weakened, and Durik makes his great escape.

CATS follows suit, but Durik keeps him occupied by firing WINNER Rays at his ship. The ship then loses its power shield, and CATS makes for an escape pod as the main vessel crashes into the grassy hills on the horizon. The remaining three rigs, realizing what was going on behind their backs, think all is well, but one of the surviving cops appears, using a deal dough controller to seize Sunrise as well as Durik and transport them to GameSpot HQ. The three rigs decide to follow the nine thousand mile highways and byways to Navarro's capital city of San Fransisco. This section of the plot forms the fourth level, Nightride - however, this level is only accessible to extreme WINNERs, so this is the end of the game for you...unless you have what it truly takes to be WINNER. The three rigs follow the extremely long highways, bypassing many abandoned towns, LOSER societies, and pro-furry billboards. Finally, they reach the capital city, where LOSERness reigns supreme and there are advertisements for LOSER games everywhere.

At GameSpot HQ, Navarro and his furry lover Nukaroo are preparing a fleet of spaceships that will wipe out any traces of WINNER from the planet Earth. It is at this point that Navarro dispatches CATS to capture the remaining three rigs, as to be sure there are no serious threats to his plans. Megaone, Thunder, and Thunderbull are at the bridge of Navarro's private island, where GS HQ is located. They fight their way through an armada of LOSER vessels and confront CATS inside the building, on a docking platform where Sunrise is being demolished for spare parts.. CATS uses his powers to make all their base belong to him, but the rigs are able to counter this with INFINITE SPEED and BREAK JAMMIN' CB TALKIN' ACTION. CATS is then defeated, and makes a plea to the rigs that he is WINNER deep down, and can help them topple Navarro. The rigs accept this plea, and the four then defeat the LOSER Agents once and for all, rescuing Sunrise in the process.

On the top floor, Navarro is preparing an ultra-LOSER special edition of ''Gaylo'' as ammo for his ships. However, the Four Rigs as well as CATS, Michael Jackson, E.T., Shaq, and many more appear. They engage in a fierce battle with Navarro, finally ending his reign of terror after a painful kick to the gonads. Navarro then reveals his true form, HWSNBN, and escapes onboard his ship, with its destinations set to Santa Monica, London, and Los Angeles, all related to Stellar Stone in some shape or form. Durik then makes a heroic sacrifice and jumps onto the ship just as it leaves the cargo bay. He engages in an even fiercer duel then the last, and swiftly kicks Navarro in the groin. However, this groin-kicking proves futile, as Navarro had equipped himself with a metallic shield in place of his 'nads. Both battle for hours and hours on end, until HWSNBN realizes they have reached Santa Monica. Knowing Durik would stop him anyway if he escaped, Navarro attempts at suicide-bombing Stell HQ.

However, when HWSNBN is distracted, Durik stabs him in the back with a knife, leaking LOSER acids all over the keyboard panel. The ship short circuits, and Durik struggles to pull the ship in the direction of GS. He succeeds, and the ship soon crashes into its target. The WINNERs evacuate the building when the ship crashes, and peace seems to be restored. Sunrise weeps for his owner, but his words are marked when said owner emerges from the flames, guided by Lord Stell himself. Everyone is shocked, even the LOSERs, and Stell quickly fades away into the night, having awed everybody with his presence. The Four Rigs then leave the city as the GS building goes down in flames and a shockwave of LOSER erupts from it, crumbling the city to ashes.

The following morning, the Four Rigs decide to spread WINNERness to the local townspeople, their city having been destroyed. Durik realizes his wife and son were living in the area, and rushes over to their house. He is unable to find them, but realizes his son's favorite sport was baseball. He then rushes over to the local baseball stadium, where a game is occurring. The son is delighted to see his father give up his career for one day, putting his family ahed of that. Tears are shed as the son hits his first home run and the crowd cheers. Durik gazes into the sunset, realizing the beauty in life, and thanks Stell for this wonderful and spiritual journey.

'''''THE END'''''

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