Its about this underwater genocide experiment where people have super powers and need to rape little girls to get this thing called ADAM that makes there super powers better, but they have pimps in suits following them around so nobody unicorns with there poo poo and everyone is unicorning high on balls and they just wanna kill everybody. Then there is this evil mac daddy named andrew ryan and he  doesnt like sharing so he made these  pimps in suits  to follow the little girls around so nobody bruggers them for ADAM.

Then one day this drunk navy dood crashed his plane and he was the only survivor(thats what you get for drink driving you bastard), so he makes his way to this light house and he finds this lift so he goes down it and when he gets down it, hes gets contacted by this guy with a decent Dublin accent (the most decent one i have seen in a video game) named atlus and tells him all about Rapture (thats the underwater city) so loads of poo poo happens.

Then later on you fight the guy andrew ryan and you kill him
SPOILER (hover here to read)
but since ryan is dead, altus turns evil and we actually find out it was this evil guy that supposedly died and his name is frank fontane. so you do loads of poo poo. then you fight him but he turns into the silver surf on steroids but then you unicorn up his poo poo and he dies then you get an ending based on how many little girls your raped if you didnt raped the little girls but made they stop being evil you get a bad ending  if you did raped little girls you also get a bad ending and if you didnt bother raping or freeing them i think you also get a bad ending in short you get bad endings now matter what the out come is.

its a good game with gripping gameplay and a disappointing storyline.

heres my rating

Controls = 7

Graphics = 7

Gameplay = 8

Storyline = 5

playability = 5

Thats a 32 out of 50 from me

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