[FREE] Verdun (x3), ibb & obb
#1 26-12-2014, 23:03:23 PM
Verdun is a squad-based multiplayer FPS in a realistic WW1 setting. The merciless trench warfare offers a unique battlefield for tactical squad play in the realistic Frontlines game mode, and raw gameplay in the rifle-deathmatch.

ibb & obb is a two player cooperative game set in a puzzle filled world where gravity goes both up and down. You can only succeed by working closely together. Find a friend for some true local co-op couch fun or match up online.

Just post here or send me a Steam trade offer if you want them

#2 27-12-2014, 09:32:52 AM
ibb & obb sounds fun but i wonder if i'll find people to play it with me

lana_chan my name is erin
#3 27-12-2014, 09:33:20 AM
If nobody else wants it i'll take it

lana_chan my name is erin
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