Opinion's on this Godawful erotica?
Dellanus Bruaawn
#16 18-10-2012, 20:39:42 PM
Sad that it didn't include the term "firmly wrapped around his erect member" or "gently squeezing her shapely bottom";u=761;sa=forumProfile
bjorno the hedgehog
#17 19-10-2012, 04:44:57 AM
erotically pooped on his chest

 cheers m8
#18 26-10-2012, 05:33:04 AM
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I only read a few lines but from what I can tell, she is a great writer being only 14 years old. 
On an unrelated note, why is your name Crysis?

Dellanus Bruaawn
#19 26-10-2012, 12:41:16 PM
Becaus back when I used my Mac, I wanted to take advantage of the special keyboard characters;u=761;sa=forumProfile
bjorno the hedgehog
#20 27-10-2012, 18:00:12 PM
there is only one TRUE CRYSIS

 cheers m8
Dellanus Bruaawn
#21 27-10-2012, 19:16:14 PM
Well that's ok, because I'm centrisis;u=761;sa=forumProfile
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