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# 16
he'd have to be HIGH to post again har har
# 17
I'm still reeling over Donut abandoning me after asking if anyone wanted to play Apex Legends
# 18
Social/Off-Topic / what you eat for dinner
12-02-2019, 00:55:49 AM
A nice steaming bowl of shoyu tonkotsu ramen
# 19
Social/Off-Topic / eatin cheese
12-01-2019, 14:07:13 PM
I'll eat straight and gay butter any day, because I'm not a fetching homophobe!
who are you and what have you done with ZIGS?
# 20
I am terrible at listening to full albums so I put Adult swim bump tracks on repeat
# 21
Announcements / SECRET SANTA 2018
02-01-2019, 00:44:19 AM
I'll post mine after i blow it up
# 22
Gaming / Massive Multiplayer Chess.
20-12-2018, 02:07:18 AM
How about snooker? Never played but it sure looks wild!
next you're gonna say cricket looks more entertaining than good ole American baseball
# 23
It really does just taste like code red with some cranberry flavoring added in
# 24
cranberry pomegranite
# 25
there was a new one? I pretty much bought my store out of the citrus cherry one and that was all I saw apart from the cranberry holiday flavor
# 26
gay earth
# 27
This halloween I'm going to dress up as Donut
# 28
Did somebody say spaghetti memes
# 29
I don't know, I'm gonna need you to go and check
# 30
mountain dew game fuel
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