Q and A with Sergey Titov, CEO of TS Group
On the 21st of September, 2008, we were visited by Sergey Titov, who is (incorrectly) credited as the lead programmer for Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. Sergey did not have any part in developing the game, he only licensed his game engine from TS Group to the Stellar Stone developers. He wowed users with his presence. This is the real Sergey Titov, for the account uses a e-mail address. Because this website has account validation, it is impossible for someone to use an e-mail address they don't have access to.

Some questions and answers have been re-formatted to give more concise answers or simpler questions. However, the actual information has not been tampered with.

How does it feel to know you have created the greatest video game of all time?
LOL! At least I know where bottom of the ocean is :)

How long have you known about this site?
A couple of years, but I visit it like once a year. LOL every time I'm here.

If you don't mind me asking, what are your future plans for game creation? Do you plan on producing more brilliant games like Big Rigs? Or is this meant to be kept a secret?
Unfortunately I won't be able beat Big Rigs. I mean honestly - it's masterpiece that hard to beat. And unfortunately I don't work with brillant people who made it happened anymore. :(
My next game will be free to play, so even this site's users will be able to try it :)

Did you write all the Stellar Stone games or just produce? If you produced them, did you come up with the ideas and give them the okay to be released?
Ok, here's the catch :). I licensed my game engine to Stellar Stone in exchange for large chunk of the company. Games were developed in Ukraine and published by a US company called Gamemill.
So unfortunately I didn't have much design and development input or any power to stop them from being released. Big Rigs was released in pre alpha stage as far as I know.
But for some reason I got all glory and recognition :)))))))))

Is Midnight Race Club an enhanced version of BROTRR?
Dude - as far as I remember Gamemill wanted to make one racing SKU, but split it into two - BR and MRC. I can't understand why they wanted to do that, and why they decided to release pre alpha versions of the game to public. Maybe they were too greedy?

Do you enjoy playing video games as much as you enjoy designing them? What video games are you playing these days?
I enjoy playing games more since I never designed games :)
Mercenaries 2, new Crysis, Bloom Blox.

Do you by any chance have access to the source code to the engine that was used for Big Rigs?
Yes I do.

Or the Big Rigs source code?
I have it, but since it's Stellar Stone's and Gamemill's property not mine I obviously can't release it.

Were you responsible for Remington: Big Buck Trophy Hunt in any way?
I've found that guys from Activision/Gamemill made this game, and once again licensed my tech.

So basically my business is:

a) Develop and license tech to game companies. As you may understand, sometimes some companies want to do things cheap and are not willing to pay even 200-300K for an engine.
b) Find cheap development teams in Eastern Europe for US/EU companies.

Funny fact for you - Gettysburg and Civil Wars together sold over 100k copies in USA. Walmart rules!

Is there a direction you can lead me in towards finding the right person to talk to in getting permission to use it?
Unfortunately not. As far as I know, the company was disbanded a few years ago and I have no idea where all these people went. Not that I care about it either.

It takes a true genius to write games that defy all conventional styles of game mechanics.
You're wrong :)
It takes a true genius to sale them !!! That's why I think the Gamemill guys are true geniuses!

There were more questions than this, but these were the most relevant ones to Big Rigs. Most of the other questions were joke questions or things not entirely related to Big Rigs.
A hearteous thanks to Sergey Titov for taking the time out of his no-doubt busy schedule to visit us and help us find out more secrets of Big Rigs. Sergey, YOU'RE WINNER !