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Stop complaining miserable prick
Eat a hyena's balls you homosexual

hi I'm new here and this post was terrible.
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Ok, before you start typing "LOOK AT THE SEARCH BAR!" I want you to know that I don't mean stuff like "I can touch my nose with my tongue."

I want to know the "talents" that are not really amazing, so much as " *awkward silence* um...ok." talents. Something like "Everyother day, when my friend is over, I can sing lady gaga word from word, but not on any day be is not here."

Ok, my perk:

Virtually every night, I can use my imagination to make entire adventures in my head *you think I'm crazy, I'M NOT CRAZY!*

The thoughts are more vivid and I don't just think of ideas, I go through my head as if it where a game or a video game.

Can't do it in the morning...If it doesn't make sense tell me and I will try to do it better.

Some of the adventure I have made:

1. A secret agent from the future fighting a secret company called T.E.C. who want to mess around with stuff for tech evolution

2. A member of a group of super soldiers fighting off giant monsters
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