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Social/Off-Topic / Re: A wild Dustox appeared!
16-07-2010, 00:13:43 AM
actually it's a "lymantria dispar" most commonly found on the east coast(if you're in the united states).
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Better than the first one? Thoughts?
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Applying for a job as a forklift operator :belair:
Been a month. Get the job???
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Where are the rest of the reviews???
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Social/Off-Topic / Just broke my nose
11-07-2010, 00:42:06 AM
What did YOU all do today?
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Gaming / Rig n Roll
10-07-2010, 18:56:33 PM
Players will step into the shoes of a young man in the year 2014 as he arrives in California to pursue his dreams of road domination and capture the Californian cargo transportation market. There are miles of highways to conquer and cities and towns to reach as he becomes the greatest trucker on the highways.
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NCIS and CSI are both terrible shows

I second that.
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Stop complaining miserable prick
Eat a hyena's balls you homosexual

hi I'm new here and this post was terrible.
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Ok, before you start typing "LOOK AT THE SEARCH BAR!" I want you to know that I don't mean stuff like "I can touch my nose with my tongue."

I want to know the "talents" that are not really amazing, so much as " *awkward silence* um...ok." talents. Something like "Everyother day, when my friend is over, I can sing lady gaga word from word, but not on any day be is not here."

Ok, my perk:

Virtually every night, I can use my imagination to make entire adventures in my head *you think I'm crazy, I'M NOT CRAZY!*

The thoughts are more vivid and I don't just think of ideas, I go through my head as if it where a game or a video game.

Can't do it in the morning...If it doesn't make sense tell me and I will try to do it better.

Some of the adventure I have made:

1. A secret agent from the future fighting a secret company called T.E.C. who want to mess around with stuff for tech evolution

2. A member of a group of super soldiers fighting off giant monsters
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