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# 241
Social/Off-Topic / Acne and crap
19-03-2010, 22:59:11 PM
# 242
My masterpiece

The pictures that could get Lars Vilk killed by Moslem extremists

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 :belair: :leek: :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof:
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Social/Off-Topic / Shaggy doge joke
08-03-2010, 23:16:00 PM
A boy owned a dog that was uncommonly shaggy. Many people remarked upon its considerable shagginess. When the boy learned that there are contests for shaggy dogs, he entered his dog. The dog won first prize for shagginess in both the local and the regional competitions. The boy entered the dog in ever-larger contests, until finally he entered it in the world championship for shaggy dogs. When the judges had inspected all of the competing dogs, they remarked about the boy's dog: "He's not so shaggy."
# 245
there will be severe consequences.
# 246
0 dollars and 0 cents because i think he's a pretty cool guy :belair: :leek:
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Social/Off-Topic / yo andmill
28-02-2010, 21:05:21 PM
hey man ive been trying to give you cool points to express how COOL I think you are but i am unable to, would giving you -CP be the way to approach this or should i do nothing at all

- Regards,
 Rowdy M. Tuesday
# 248
Gaming / Mount and Blade: Warband
28-02-2010, 02:47:59 AM
So who all is going to be picking up this great game? Anyone in the beta care to divulge how awesome it is?
# 249
Social/Off-Topic / Za Warudo
23-02-2010, 22:23:35 PM
 :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp:

I love Brazilian people they have funny laughs and they are absolutely adorable.
# 250
Social/Off-Topic / the EJ fanclub
17-02-2010, 10:27:41 AM
This is a club for EJ enthusiasts from all around the world to share our love for EJ
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Social/Off-Topic / howdy
07-02-2010, 23:27:04 PM
How you do people, I will grace this forums with my fabulous presence.  :roddy:
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