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To get away from all the ignorant American YW administrators?
# 17
Racism in America is a serious issue which some of us were trying to discuss in 'The Pub'. Strangely, the topic was locked simply for being "stupid." Some of us are deadly serious about this issue and have been on the suffering end of racism and it is not something we can laugh off. I spend most of my time in Asia these days and I've certainly been a victim of racism. Diceman was recently mistreated because he was White. And most  blacks have to put up with racism everyday.
# 18
Also, do you have moderator powers on this board? We could make a board for you, me, EJ, and steev to talk about serious things and keep out the forum babies.
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Feedback/Help / fetch the YW Administration
19-07-2013, 22:43:22 PM
fetching twats
# 20
I like Cornetto and I'm sure you do too. So I decided to create a thread to express my appreciation for him. Cornetto enjoys posting gifs and I do too.

I don't understand why (@) can't leave dog alone to enjoy his bone
# 21
I know i'm gonna be swarmed by haters but seriously can we cut this gay bullcrap out? for real. what is this? TF2? smh.  that's all I have to say.
# 22
He once told me he was Laotian but his last name is Nguyen which leads me to believe he is Vietnamese.

Also to those who have facebook, please contact Ducis and tell him to make a few posts. This is a fairly effective way of getting people to post again, at least for awhile. I'm not sure I can live another 24 hours without ducis. Thanks.
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Diceman vs. America / Chavs vs. Wiggers
11-03-2013, 22:45:05 PM
Chavs win but only because they wear tracksuits
# 25
Also, are u gay??
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Ask Steev & YWOC / Is your name really Steev
23-09-2012, 15:29:23 PM
And do you spell it Steev or Steve?
Also why do YOU post on filmcow (aka cashcow for the administrators)
# 29
And do you enjoy sharing this board with him?
# 30
Edit: And why doesn't Jemina post much anymore?
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