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yo I need some journal articles that are behind a paywall. If anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Feedback/Help / Why was Dr. Howell banned?
13-08-2014, 02:57:02 AM
Also, he is not diceman despite what you may  think. Diceman lives in Virginia and Dr. Howell currently works in Colorado and originally comes from Antigua. Give me a reason for his ban.
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Today I was putting on my tennis shoes when I noticed a rusty iron nail inside. This leads me to believe that someone either put it inside or it somehow fell in. Have any of you found rusty iron nails in your tennis shoes?

Write in the comment section below:
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Pro Wrestling / What is the appeal in WWE
11-07-2014, 14:29:00 PM
It's fake and scripted. The theatrics and special effects are cool but the drama and storylines don't seem particularly interesting.

Boxing used to be good but the judging on the first Pacquiao vs Bradley fight showed the world that it is rife with corrupt judges. In MMA they at least usually make the right call and there is a lot of activism to only allow people who've actually been in the octagon to call the fights.
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I imagine Svetlana is hoping to see Barao regain his title. I personally can't wait to watch Dillashaw dominate another match. And let's face it, it will happen. Dillashaw has proven himself to be one of the pound for pound best fighters on the planet and his reign is inevitable at this point.
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Feedback/Help / Feedback: YW is kinda gay
15-01-2014, 11:48:53 AM
# 7
We need to establish a court to determine whether we the community should pardon bjorno for his offenses. Personally I would've perma banned the asshole for what he said about Big Rigs but perhaps he can explain his statements and exonerate himself of the terrible charge of  :loser:

I've been pissed off about this all day and I can't believe others are willing to move on so easily.
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stupid and unrecognizable

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BROTRR Discussion / Rigism and Hinduism
22-11-2013, 11:54:55 AM
Apparently in ancient Hinduism, an individual can venerate any form or object. This means we can worship the great Rigs as our personal gods and the Hindus will accept it as perfectly valid. I'm not sure how we can reconcile Rigism with the Vedas but it still seems like a good idea to convert as it will root our beliefs into a beautiful, Proto-Indo-Aryan tradition going back to prehistoric times. Hinduism also allows us to transform Rigism into a religion for the racially conscious.

- Rowdy
# 11
A lot of members of this forum appreciate his mixes so I figure why not have a contest next halloween and every halloween to come to dress up as digweed.
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Social/Off-Topic / Which admin is worst
04-10-2013, 11:56:19 AM
All of them, equally. Except for bjorno because he is hilarious.

- Rowdy
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Social/Off-Topic / Where the fuk is Duc?
22-07-2013, 15:50:00 PM
I haven't talked with him in over a year. RIP ducis.
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Social/Off-Topic / I ate a massive cock (NSFW)
22-07-2013, 00:22:58 AM
and I liked it.  :leek:
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Feedback/Help / Unbam Hyper_Rectum
20-07-2013, 01:31:49 AM
fetchin Nazi admins!!!!!!!!!!
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